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AlphaGraphics Franchise Online Inquiries Increase By 198%

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AlphaGraphics comprises over 270 independently owned and operated marketing service providers, each operating as a full-service print shop within the franchise chain.


An AlphaGraphics Franchise in North Carolina approached us seeking to elevate their online presence and increase their website conversions. They aimed to leverage various digital marketing channels, including website optimization, social media management, Google Ads, and SEO, to achieve their objectives.


Upon understanding the goals of the AlphaGraphics Franchise and analyzing their existing digital footprint, our team devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to their needs. Over the first six months of partnership, we diligently executed the following initiatives:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): By optimizing on-page elements, improving website structure, building quality backlinks, and publishing blogs, we boosted the franchise’s organic search rankings and visibility, bringing multiple targeted keywords near the top of Google results.
  • Google Ads: Through meticulous keyword research and ad optimization, we enhanced the client’s Google Ads campaigns to increase visibility, clicks, and conversions.
  • Website Optimization: We helped clean up and improve various areas of the website to increase conversions and improve customer experience.
  • Social Media Management: Leveraging the power of social media platforms, we sourced local content from their team, then crafted and distributed engaging content on a regular schedule that showcased their service offerings to their followers every week.


We measured the first month of our partnership when our campaigns were ramping up to establish our baseline; we did this through website event tracking. During this period, the AlphaGraphics Franchise in North Carolina experienced an average of 1.12 website conversions per day. We were specifically measuring Quote Submissions and Phone Calls lasting over 30 seconds.

As our campaigns matured and we continued making optimizations based on our findings, we began to observe steady progress every month. After working together for 6 months, we re-measured our new baseline and discovered remarkable improvements.

Upon re-evaluation, we observed a remarkable 198% increase in the average daily conversions on the franchise’s website. Their total conversions surged to an impressive 3.34 conversions per day, demonstrating a significant increase. Our tracking showed that these new conversions were coming from organic search and paid search, the two primary areas our digital marketing package set out to elevate.


Our partnership with this AlphaGraphics center exemplifies the transformative power of tailored digital marketing strategies. Through a combination of website optimization, social media management, Google Ads, and SEO, we not only elevated their online presence but also significantly amplified their website conversions, driving tangible business results. The center’s success underscores our commitment to delivering measurable outcomes and propelling our clients toward their goals.

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